King of Queens

King of Queens


Q. If a miracle happened and CBS decided to bring the show back, would you?

In a New York minute! I would even take a pay cut!

Q. Do you stay in touch with Kevin?

Of course I stay in touch with Kevin. I love Kevin and always will. He still makes me laugh! I do miss him very much. What he should do is put me in one of his 5000 movies he has coming up so I can see him more! :)

Do you stay in touch with the rest of the cast?

Victor & Jerry live on the East Coast. But, I see Gary Valentine & Nicole Sullivan around town.

What was your favorite episode?

For sentimental reasons, I would have to say the first and last show. But, there was something about every episode that made me laugh. I do remember early on, there was a show called “Cello, Goodbye” where Doug and Carrie were fighting at a concert in silence. At the time, I thought it was so stupid… but cried from laughter when I saw it. My mom went to every show and she was there that night and she was crying from laughter while it was being filmed and I remember asking her “Really Mom? Is it that funny?” Anyway, there is probably a moment I can say something about within every show we taped. There was a show where Doug makes the Doug and Carrie song, one where he attempted to take me to a place he thought he had taken me before, but it was another girl, Pole Dancing. We did 9 years and 207 shows, too many to mention.

Were there any particular episodes of KoQ that reflect how your personal life was at times?

There were many shows that reflected what was going on at home. That is why the KofQ’s was so special. It was about family and interpersonal relationships in general.

I am sure you and Kevin were nervous getting started on KOQ and probably wondering how the show was going to do in the ratings. Was there a particular episode you filmed early in KOQ’s where you went home that night and said “We are going be a hit”.

No actually – we never felt that we were a bonafide hit…. Until the final season did we really sit back and say “Wow, we made it this long”. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until this year that I have seen how much people really loved our show. Almost daily does someone come up to me and says “I really miss you guys or “I am Carrie and my husband is Doug”…. It has taken this long for me to see how very special this show was and still is.

Were there any storylines or angles that now as you look back, you wish KOQ’s would have done?

I wish we would have kept going. Truly; I would have loved to have seen Doug as a daddy and Jerry as a grandfather.

Why was it taken off the air when so many people still love the show

Simply put, I think after 9 years, people felt we needed to move on while people still loved the show as opposed to no one watching and leaving on a low note.

How was it having your spouse, Angelo, appear on King of Queens?

We loved having Angelo around. Between him and Jerry they were the only two who knew their lines and were professional.

What was it like doing the episode POLE LOX? Did you have a lot of fun rehearsing and filming it? It seemed like Kevin really practiced a lot to master the pole.

Well, here is what you didn’t know about Pole Lox… the “Pole Teacher” showed up for me and Kev to warm up. I of course was like “Babe, I don’t think I need to warm up, I can work a pole”…. So, when it came time for me to rehearse the Pole scene, I pulled on the pole and wouldn’t ya know it, I PULLED MY NECK OUT!!!!! So, with my tail between my legs, I begged her to warm me up properly… but it was really hard! Now, Kevin didn’t rehearse it all and I was like “Kev, you need to go upside down, don’t you want to warm up and let her teach you”? He said no that he would do it on tape day in front of the audience…. No one knew what he was going to do. So, what you saw on the TV was Kevin doing that for the first time and he was HILARIOUS!!!!! I laughed so hard I cried. I ruined a few takes and then I started to just turn my head. But let me tell you that pole ‘aint easy! :)

Wondering if a lot of the storylines were based on your life & Kevin’s?

All the shows were based on the writers’ lives or our own experiences or just thought of by the writers. They were all married and/or with kids. So they knew these characters well.

Regarding the finale, was the baby we saw a boy or a girl?

Do you know I don’t even know??? !!! I want to say a boy. Not sure.

What do you want to say to your die-hard KofQ’s Fans

I want to thank you for loving us in the way that you do. You continue to watch the show in syndication as well as buy the DVD’s. I know this because I get tweeted about it ALL the time! :) But, it means the world to me that the show still stands with no gimmicks. It shows that people still love a simple comedy about family. We all love you guys. You have been the best fans ever. So to you all you Doug & Carries out there… KISSES!!!

Is there a KofQ’s movie coming or a reunion?

I would love one or both! This is up to CBS and Sony. Push them! :)