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“Well, that was quick!

“I was in Minnesota when I heard (from Twitter) the show was cancelled after one airing. I was In Minnesota surprising my sister who lives there for her birthday and my nephew’s Confirmation. I was sitting with my mom, my sisters and brother-in-law having dinner in the hotel we were staying in. I looked down at my phone, and I saw all these messages from my Twitter Family of condolences for the show’s cancellation. I looked up, witnessed my family enjoying just being together unaware of the news I was getting and I thought, ‘This is what matters, all of us together, enjoying each other, not this news, I wouldn’t take this moment back for any show.’ My sister caught my eye and said ‘are you ok, Lee?’ I said ‘very’. All is as it should be.

“There are many ups and downs in this business, but what is NEVER changing is the love my family has for me and I for them. And that is what is important. Sure, we fight, yell at each other, argue that my mother chews too loud, that she doesn’t get Charades every time we play annually and yes my family get annoyed with me because I am always cleaning during the holidays and yes, my family members who insist on bringing their dogs to Sunday dinner annoyed with me when I don’t want their dogs to come over and ruin my carpet… but they don’t love me less because a show I was doing didn’t make it. I don’t love them less when a show I am doing makes it or doesn’t. And that is what is truly important.”

Family Tools official photo shoot

Our sweet producers Andrea and Shannon from our first official photo shoot.

Having fun at E!

Behind the scenes at E! Stole a few things from the set, but security took it back!

Wardrobe Malfunction

In the dressing room at Jimmy Kimmel live! My pants all of a sudden were too long! Almost had to do an appearance in a towel! All went well, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel staff!